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Dedication to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that you rarely see!

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Dedication to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that you rarely see!

I cannot express how impressed I am with the dedication in this picture.

At a World Class Gym like 

, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is hard. It is one of the hardest things most people will ever do. It is hard physically, emotionally, mentally, there will be highs and lows, you may get injured, etc. Even when people are interested in learning it is very easy to find countless excuses why not to train, to skip class, to skip that last rep and the list goes on. Often I have spoke to my competitors about the drive it takes to be successful in the competitive side of BJJ. Not just working hard but the sheer determination and sacrifice it takes to be on top! There are other athletes less fortunate than many of us who are willing to do whatever it takes to train that extra minute, get in those extra reps after a long hard training session, change unhealthy habits, are thankful they got to train that day and hope they can train again tomorrow. These athletes will do whatever it takes to be successful because BJJ may be one of the few opportunities they will ever have to escape an environment that is not healthy for them or has limited opportunities. This kind of mindset is HARD to defeat! That athlete will die to score that last point just to move to the next round. These kinds of athletes will fight to the very end to defend a submission, hopefully safely, for a chance of escaping and still winning the match. This mindset alone is a tool that many people will never come close to possessing.

So when I saw this on my screen the other day, it reminded me of how fortunate I was to be able to train, spend time with my students/friends, and repeat that cycle every day. To have a nice gym to train at and roll on a really nice mat!

These are two of my students who are participating in our new virtual martial arts classes at Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Knoxville. These two students live over 2,000 miles away, they do not have a mat, they are outside, they trained on a concrete pad! This type of dedication is inspiring! This mindset, to train whenever and wherever they have an opportunity to do so, can build character in childhood that will help them overcome obstacles and find a way to succeed in life! The sister uses her cell phone to help her little brother learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She rarely performs the techniques herself because she says he is too little. She just makes sure he gets reps, does the techniques correctly, and has fun. All outside on a concrete pad!

This is not an article to call anyone out or make them feel bad. Not everyone has the opportunity to train as much as they wish they could and Covid is definitely making it harder to train. I just thought it was cool to see these two kids finding a way to train!

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